Santo Mar

An Ode to Audacity*


A collaboration between Pola von Grut and María Magdalena Cejas, creating the artwork and olfactory portrait for Pilar Zarazúa Perfume's line.

Fue el sutil aroma del cilantro que cruzo el mar, Y fueron las Plalmas las que tatuaron su cara.

Fueron las de Our y fueron dias de rosas.

Fueron siglos de Labdanum y segundos de naranjos mientras en silencio rezaba al santo mar.


After studying at Louis-le-Grand and Sciences-Po Paris, Pola Von Grut focused on communication, working with clients like Paulo Coelho and Cristina Cordula. Eventually, she turned to astrology, completing a three-year course at the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Pola now offers astrological consultations, courses, and workshops.

In addition to astrology, she is a digital collage artist and illustrator, with work featured in publications and advertising. She authored and illustrated "S'initier à l'astrologie" and "L'Oracle des constellations," exploring the tradition of fixed stars in Western astrology.